Russian Billiards

Billiards – thing is thin, vanity can not tolerate in any way. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. Venerable intellectual – billiard always explain to a novice, that such a noble game demands the respect and attention. Gary Kelly often says this. For example, even the pool directly shares several varieties. It is believed that the most popular of them – this is pool, snooker, carom, and, of course, Russian billiards, or a pyramid. That choice determines the further selection of game tables, because the size, model, or form of billiard tables for various games are traditionally distinct.

Russian billiards – snooker variation, which reflected a fundamental characteristic features of the Russian people: endurance, high skill, ability withstand high voltage body and soul. Rules of snooker pyramid require the highest accuracy of hitting, they are much more severe and more severe than in the same pool or snooker. Russian billiards played 16yu balls (by the way, they size slightly larger). Moreover, 15 of them are clearly numbered, and the last, like the infamous Joker, has its own layout and color. Thus, Russian billiards – Pyramid – a type of billiards with pockets, which raises a number of specific requirements applicable to the billiard equipment. And the table for Russian billiards has clear differences from the other pool tables.

This is primarily due to the size of the table. Pyramid pool tables – the most Large tables of their fellow pool. Its size ranges from 8 to 12 feet. Moreover, only 12 feet entitles this work of art to be used cue in professional activities. That is to billiard tournament official Russian billiards you can only see the 12-foot tables. Tables for the pyramid of smaller size can be widely used at home or the office, at meetings or in the amateur billiard clubs, but not qualified for professional activities. Buy a pool table for the pyramid as you can on the Internet, and Specialty shops successfully proven in the market of billiard equipment. Range of services to most pool stores covers the entire acquisition process from ordering to its timely and prompt delivery right to your home or office.

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