Schluter Wind

“First it was environment minister Norbert Rottgen, German Chancellor Angela Merkel then and now it is economy Minister Philipp Rosler it goes after him, to be funded from the summer of 2012 new solar systems”, says Stefan Steiner, Managing Director of global invest Marketing GmbH. This decision will Rosler fixed are, whether the power installed in Germany exceeds then 1,000 megawatts. Compared to the Rheinische post”, he accordingly said that electricity in the future must remain affordable. To you should start with the largest cost drivers. And that is especially the photovoltaic. Only in October Angela Merkel had been thinking out loud about new cuts in promoting solar and already in may environment minister Norbert Rottgen had caused excitement, when he announced to cut the feed-in tariff for solar power from March 2012. After massive protests on the part of the solar industry, the Government again rejected their plans. What remains is the problem, that is the solar industry more and more developed for the unloved child of the industry.

In economic terms, this shows a variety of studies, it is simply less economical than wind power in our latitudes. But with the increasing number of customers do, who want a stake in renewable energy fund? “From our point of view obviously a rhetorical question”, said Steiner from the global invest. “He adds: wind energy is the most important market of the future in the field of renewable energies and the global invest wind farm opportunity 1 can benefit investors several ways!” So invest wind park which offers global opportunity 1 an intelligent and unique among comparable investment offers safety concept as well as investments in the economic model country Poland. The global invest wind farm opportunity 1 has a short period of only 4 years and offers also attractive yields. Global invest in the global, but specialized in particular on Poland gwp German wind power works with.

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