Sebaceous Gland

The inner and outer beauty of the people only if you have a well-groomed appearance, also of course, nice can look. A sophisticated skin care is the basis for this. But you should focus not only on his wrinkle treatment, and not all his energy in the weight loss and weight will also lose invest. Still more belongs to a neat appearance, and healthy hair. The hair arise in the skin and depend on the quality of the nutrients through the bloodstream. If you would like to know more about Larry Ellison, then click here.

Hair are nothing more than dead cell substance basically. It is so dead matter, just like your fingernails. We feel a thing when we cut them. Each hair is replaced several times in the course of our lives. Old hair falling out and regrow new. Healthy skin and strong hair will need for its renewal of protein components, vitamins and minerals from food. The hair is at the heart of beauty care.

Hair color, structure, and style determine very much the outer Appearance of a people. Blonde have the densest crested, with up to 150,000 head hair, but their hair is thinner than red or dark-haired. The hair color depends on genetic melanin deposits. If dye formation diminishes with age, and to store small air bubbles in the hair, the hair gray. A distinction is the externally visible hair shaft and slightly slanted in the skin hair roots, at whose end the club shaped thickened hair bulb is located on the hair. The roots of the hair from the root sheaths and into the DermIS of the hair bellows (follicle) is surrounded in the epidermis. The Sebaceous Gland ducts, holding smooth the hair by constant tiny sebum duties into the hair bellows. In an overproduction of sebum glands of sebum can no longer absorbed by the hair shaft, and the hairstyle looks greasy and stringy. As well as hair growth, also the activity of the sebaceous glands is hormonally controlled by sex hormones. Also the hair muscle attaches to the bellows of the hair, the contracts in cold or even scare and prepares so the hair (goosebumps). Also, the bellows of hair wraps the hair bulb, dating many hair on the skin and is supplied via a papillary of DermIS with blood. Hair growth starts in the hair bulb, because it consists of many sharing enabled, non-keratinized epithelial cells. So are constantly cells that gradually verhornen their way upwards and finally become visible as hair shaft.

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