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A comparison of credit shows the best credit deals and helps save money today there is in the large loan comparison consisting of over thirty credit offers a new credit sequence. The best credit offers the company now smava with his action credit from 2.99%. The conditions for these low interest rates are very good. Interested borrowers can choose their personal loan amount between 960,- and 2.500,-? The runtime will be 36 months for this loan. You must present a credit class between A and H with the Schufa. The supply of credit is limited. It is valid until October 15, 2010. More information find at smava.html at smava is the first German credit platform, the online loans by private persons to private persons or entrepreneurs provide.

To get a loan, you enroll at smava, presents his project or his credit request and specifies the loan amount required. Especially for self-employed workers, which is a very difficult for banks get affordable credit, this can mean a very large chance of a very good credit. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. In the loan comparison on two is currently ranked the TARGOBANK, place three occupied Creditplus Bank both with very low initial interest rate. Interested readers who are looking for a higher credit than 2.500,-euro, can get this very good interest rates for credit institutions. Also the DKB or Postbank offer very good deals on the following places. These two go with a slightly higher initial interest rate. But the offered interest margin is small, and thus the highest possible interest rate of these offers.

So it is advisable always to obtain several individual quotes, to compare and to decide then. According to EU-VKR, a credit of 4,850 euros with a maturity of 60 months is a representative example. Two-thirds of all customers or more for 10,37% annual percentage rate, 8.60% debit interest for smava have receive this credit. Here, the fees amounted to 3.00%. He agreed Interest rate was the same for the entire service life remaining. The current offer borrowers receive guaranteed annual percentage rate 2.99%. (The nominal interest rate is 3.50%, the processing fees 2.50%.) A high rate of grant is deducted.

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