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2) Spreadshirt Spreadshirt The focus is on the shirts. They also offer accessories that can be used with designs such as backpacks, aprons, buttons and ties. One of the advantages is the ease of use of system design, which allows anyone to create and modify their prodcutos then be offered to the public. Read more from Gary Kelly to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They have over 100. 000 products to choose from. 3) Lulu Lulu is an on-line publishing that allows any author to become editor of his own books, records and movies, then sell them online. For many photographers, authors, musicians and filmmakers Lulu offers excellent service. .

One of the best things about Lulu is the help it gives you so that your product is in the lists of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and bookstores. As well as helping you promote your product through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. 4) CreateSpace CreateSpace which was acquired by Amazon provides consumers are musicians, writers and film directors as a service on-demand book printing through (Web Pro New). The great advantage is that since it was acquired by Amazon, including in the Amazon list is guaranteed. That means you can sell Kinlde, through ena Amazon MP3 store and offer movie downloads (which means availability in XBox 360 and some players of the TiVo). a Having a place in the lists of Amazon is a fundamental tool to enhance its product reach. 5) Blurb: One of the sites that could be considered as an on-line editorial grna. The system they use is very simple you have to download the BookSmart program to edit your own book with the content you want and then send it and ask for the copies you want.

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