Sociology Tradition

1.5 – The temptation of the profetismo the sociologist, for speaking of what he is human, is subject to the judgments of the individuals, after all, each one feels a little sociologist. Alert Brourdieu for the danger it sociologist to become social prophet to take care of the demand of its public, not passing of systematization of spontaneous sociology. To exemplificar, the author cites a phrase of Marx, who says that the beautiful literary formulas that organize everything, the first sight seem ingenious, but when repeated they show idiotic. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this. 1.6 – Theory and theoretical tradition Bourdieu demonstrate that science must be always subjects the rupture, therefore thus will only be able to progress. However, this is an arduous task in sociology, since they are not about constructed theories of conscientious and axiomatic form, but of theoretical traditions, that the author arrives to compare with the tradition of the canonic texts, that the theologians or canonists compiled. In short, the theory ' ' it never leaves of being indefinite rework of the theoretical elements artificially extracted of a body chosen of autoridade' '. (BOURDIEU, P., 2004, P. 40) Therefore, many times the sociologist leaves to deal with excellent subjects or deals with only some subjects due what the theoretical tradition comes approaching.

The rupture with such traditions does not pass of a particular case of rupture with spontaneous sociology. 1.7-Theory of the sociological knowledge and theory of the social system the traditional representation of the theory and the positivista representation have in common the quality to dispossess the theory of its primordial function, to guarantee the rupture leading to the system capable to justify any incoherences or gaps that appear in the system of established laws. Some theoreticians exclude the possibility of regional theories, confining the research to ' ' everything or nada' ' , to a universal theory. According to author, we must waste this confusion encouraged for the authors of the tradition of century XIX, ' ' for terms possibility to recognize (…) convergence of the great classic theories in relation to the basic principles that define the theory of the sociological knowledge as bedding of the theories parciais' '. (BOURDIEU, P., 2004, P.

43) Bourdieu cites a phrase of Keynes who says that the economic theory does not supply established and immediately applicable conclusions, but is about a method, one technique of thought that leads to take off conclusions correct. In the same way, sociology is ' ' generating principle of the different theories sociais' ' (BOURDIEU, P., 2004, P. 43) and it does not have to be confused with a unitria theory. Conclusion Pierre Bourdieu presents in its book ' ' The craft of socilogo' ' a practical theory of Sociology, always with intention to take the social scientist to search an attitude scientific, that implies in the use of metodolgicos procedures, such as the continuous questioning, the rupture with the common sense and the tradition. The author is very careful in alerting on the difficulties of the craft, as temptation of profetismo, illusion of that what it explains a fact it is what it is seen, the trend to use vocabularies of the common sense without the well-taken care of had one, among others aspects. The text is sufficiently tedious, however, it brings information that some times in them seem obvious, but are sufficiently precious for the development of ' ' sciences of homem' ' , therefore although to seem to be if becoming intrinsic the research of social sciences, many times are forgotten or simply ignored.

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