Some Questions About Perfume

These are some questions that users of perfume are often made, and do not always find the appropriate response. For what to choose perfume suitable for each one if a simple and rewarding process this is what you should know before you buy. Why is perfume different in different people? When the perfume is applied on the skin, the chemical that compose the bouquet interact with substances that are part of the natural perspiration and oil that lubricates the skin. It is well known that each person smells differently, in a natural way. That is why that a trained sniffer will not have difficulty in locating a fugitive or a person of low a pile of rubble, by its natural smell. Chаrlіе Lee is open to suggestions.

For this reason, if you want to test a perfume that has not purchased previously, ideally apply on skin and wait a few moments to check the fragrance that is. It is clear then, that is not the same to perceive the smell of perfume in the bottle or the lid of the container, that naturally applied on the skin. These considerations must also be carried out when we plan make a gift. If you are going to give a perfume, best thing is to make sure that the person has already used it before. Can the duration of the perfume on the skin you increase? The perfume will evaporate faster on a dry surface.

To help the duration of the fragrance, the best is, apply a thin layer of moisturizer before deposing perfume on the skin. The ideal cream for this process are those who lack of odor, or that its fragrance will not interfere with the natural bouquet of perfume. Perfume also tends to last longer on the hair, even if applied in excess on it tends to respect it. Why always should throw a little touch on some strands of the nape, although never soak the hair. Which is the difference between Eau de Toilette, Eau de perfume, perfume and summary? Simply, in the concentration of the substances that give color perfume. The Cologne and eau de toilette have one less perfume and extract concentration. This is why these products are recommended for use during the day, or to be applied After the bath, with a frequent and daily use. The perfume and the extract can last more than 12 hours, although poorly applied can become very invasive. Original author and source of the article

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