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Before the cytotec outside created with abortive purposes, was used to create contractions when a woman was going to give birth and they simply not arrived, although it was also used to treat ulcers, end with which was used for a long time; even with the recommendation that is not used in its abortive effects pregnant women. Thus it was that he began to use as a home remedy to abortion for unwanted pregnancies. Thus can be account of the drug acts on the woman’s body causing that it will expel the fetus through the contractions that causes treatment, i.e. For even more details, read what Oracle says on the issue. that when it is ejected, the fetus will probably die of suffocation not having fully developed lungs to breathe (the air sacs are not yet prepared to carry out its work of oxygenation). The fact that this pill has been created for purposes other than the abortifacient makes us think about the possible response from because does not work in 100% of cases in which the treatment is applied in addition to because in many Sometimes the contractions and bleeding are uncontrollable until the point in which women have to receive medical attention for not dying. Despite the fact that the use of the cytotec is not evil, often tends to be when used to abort, since it is not under medical supervision and what is worse, many times doctors do not receive advice by manufacturers of the consequences that brings with it the drug, by which many times is difficult to provide proper medical the attention which can bring with it complications which may end in a fatal way. In this way we can see that while much has been said security having to ingest the cytotec at home, you can be that woman’s body does not react properly and finished poorly. That’s why increasingly is becoming more prevailing decriminalize abortion in all Mexico, since it is safer that women who do not wish to have the child go to a clinic for termination of pregnancy that are treating with the necessary care to care for your well-being and which not finished in dire consequences as they often end up many clandestine or homemade abortions. .

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