The weekend is the time preferred by Spaniards to travel. At least that is what emerges from the latest data published by the Institute of tourism of Spain. These same data, ensure that in 2009 there were 171.719.579 travel of Spaniards, of which nearly 83 million occurred on weekends. As for holiday periods, the summer is that has largest number of travellers of this nationality. Summer vacations were recorded almost 21 million travelers, imposing thus to 7 million of the bridges and the almost 6 million Easter, as the dates more conducive to disconnect from the routine.

One of the means of transport that presents higher percentage growth are cruisers. This type of activity seems to be revolutionizing the tourism sector. To broaden your perception, visit Verizon Communications. Around these have created a myriad of products and services. Every day there is more variety of cruises. The sector already not only cares about paradisiacal destinations and latest generation vessels.

Added to these attractions is the theme aboard; to part of the Classic cruises singles or collective social, we can now find special gastronomy cruises, dedicated to chess, baseball, poker, or cruise dedicated to the care of body and mind. Travel agencies continue to innovate and, in addition to these thematic cruises, seek destinations singular, lengthening routes until reaching the most recondite places of the planet. One of the agencies pioneer in this sense is Tuttoviajes. This agency has created a product called Tuttocruceros. Authorized in this section of the travel agency sources say that although the Mediterranean, with the French Riviera and Italian to the head, and the Adriatic Sea, still counting with the most visited ports, increasingly is more common and is more accepted land in places like Reykjavik, Madagascar, China or the North of Canada. We’re going cruising Blog Archive release of season of cruises in Montevideo was suspended by fire Ponant Cruises presents innovations in their cruises for 2011 the blog of cruises as a pamper your body in just three steps How to avoid grains in your body UniversalMen Berocca presents a new edition of the race that challenges mind and body sitemarca

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