Spiritual Power

To fall in the preparation before certain situations in the life is easy and sometimes gives the sensation to feel happy to have favorable conditions that others do not have, when we were accustomed to that other people solve some problems in our life we are totally remote of which the light of being able acts and illuminates our life. The dependency the unique thing that creates is mediocrity and uselessness, for that reason you are kind to avoid it because generally she arrives at our life of a so sigilosa way that not even we realize it, we mention an example where a person begins to face economic problems due to the lack of use, decides to resort to his relatives and originally the idea sounds well, makes a small station by while the problem is solved, some manage there to solve it quickly and again they return to independence, but a great number is remained rich and the solution never practically arrives. Which is the risk of looking for aid before the smaller adversity? That its mind will be accustomed to that others solve their life and each day will have a smaller autonomy, then it is creating a mental footpath of dependency and later to change it can be quite hard. One of the characteristics of the subconscious mind is that it looks for to act when is pressed to him until the end, we return to the case of the person who has been without use, if she looks for aid in the family and there she has everything, then internamente her mind will say: already I am well , I have everything here , is nothing of which to worry , calm, watches television what happens? The mind is not feeling the pressure of change, then the probability of solving the problem is reduced, because same you do not feel in emergency state.

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