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I do not know for sure. But certainly, all or nearly all millionaires out when they leave, and by force, their jobs. This is a fact of life overseas. And is that leaders tend to think, but have the virtue of not acting accommodative. Every politician turnoa "male or female, man or woman, without exception brillantesa " tend to defend the ideals of the political party they represent, when they should arbitrate the political-economic ideology that is convenient for the nation which they represent .

But, controlling rampant political corruption taking in recent years, have developed a state policy, as is their obligation. Paradox is that the price of oil has fallen to levels never dreamed of, and within a short time, but the Stock Exchanges worldwide are in free fall (we have spoken before the free fall of capitalism). It is the thing to get into them. This crisis "and recession, financial and economic will, and I would not make a mistake, a big winner: China. A colossus of 1,300 million, a colossus with no flames, just a few years time, will become the first world power: economically and militarily. The People's Republic of China, which continues to maintain a totalitarian regime, however, currently practiced in a capitalist economy libre mercadoa a . Today is the main economic engine with global expansion.’>Ben Silbermann. We're all realizing that, as applied current voracious capitalism, you are violating human rights and, moreover, violates the rights of nature, which are also rights.

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