Thai Specialities

The grass was very appreciated by the Indians and food. No relation from botanical point of view with the conventional rice. The grasses are up to 1.80 m high. The seeds are dark to black, tapered 1.5 cm long and pointed at the ends. Wild rice is very expensive. This results from the fact that the commercial cultivation is very difficult the climatic requirements.

In addition, harvest despite the use of mechanical harvest AIDS is very expensive. Due to the price offered this food also mostly in a mixture with normal rice. In comparison to the genus Oryza rice, wild rice contains considerably more interest in protein, iron, magnesium and zinc. It also contains wild rice of less calories. Recommended cooking method for wild rice source cooking, when adding the four volume set is fluid.

The cooking time is approximately 35-40 minutes. Here revealed a variety of original Thai dishes, which is second to none! The preparation of the dishes is very detail and supplemented with appealing photos. It is a very complete work on the subject of Thai Specialities. And at an unbeatable price! Everything that is good in the Thai cuisine: soups, salads, seafood, curries, rice and noodle dishes, desserts – all recipes in step by step instructions. Atmospheric short essays to country and people, culture and traditions. Informative and helpful product information and kitchen practice. Presentation of all the typical ingredients in Word and picture for interested cooking beginners and passionate amateur cooks. Meet the culinary specialities and try some of the delicious dishes on the own stove. We have put together for you typical and well-known recipes they are all easy to prepare and are made of ingredients that you can find in every household or easy buy. Have fun cooking and “??”-Bon appetit! Book recommendation: The Asian cuisine with traditional recipes from Thailand “Kindle Edition: 143 pages with many photos Publisher: Taquita;” 1 Edition (September 1, 2013) released: 01.09.2013 price: 7.70 Available at: the Asian cuisine traditional ebook…

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