The Absence And Sign Of Love

Among the great enigmas of the love we find the absence and presence of the same. So that one love fully, is necessary the presence of absences, the distances and the silences, and if he is not enough to take a look at the importance of the Charter of love the couple. When there is the letter is because there is an absence, and this paper comes to stir the heart in love to the point of feeling that is more loving. Today the message is evident and lovers extreme with the SMS or the mobile phone. Loves less lasting are those which do not allow the couple to take a breather from autonomy.

Currently, where couples often live separated by work, distance, or studies, keep love alive depends on proper use which will give to their signs while they are separated. We talked about the letter, but it is also the romantic language. Also here we seen how the sign of love is replaced with a toy or a doll, because as I said Winnicott, these transitional objects wrapped love be absent. The recommendation not drown your partner not only it is a tip for continuity. It is a necessity so that love increase. Do you believe in true love?

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