The Antibodies

If we did not manage to do it, if we limited ourselves to repeat the rejection without proposing alternative, respecting the old root in the recent thing that is called democracy and freedom here, will be never no the possibility of a collective reaction of true resistance, word that use in its right dimension, not in the one of an eccentric political action. I already said it a long time ago: this implies a new language, to begin. The necessity is obvious to design a future. With these habits and these behaviors, if we allowed that they settle down hard, that is to say, that we are a totalitarian society without capacity of resistance, will not be able soon to be modified nothing, to not being from the end that always arrive and the resumption from the emptiness. If every one autoanaliza and is not watched what does on a daily basis in the daily life and is examined in its reactions against our present drama, we will not have intelligence having produced the emergent future nor leaderships that can lead to us towards the reconstruction of our interior and our outside. This adaptation to the crisis habits imposes east behavior that is becoming natural in definition of an ill normality. As well as the body warms up, produces fever, like warning of which the antibodies have begun to work and the organism defends, thus would be indispensable that this society ours in dissolution in the dissolution felt brings back to consciousness of which the social body it is the sum of each of us and if each of us has been intoxicated one by one we will have to decontaminate. It happens, sometimes, that the towns wake up. Ours it seems characterized by the autoflagelacin and its answers, throughout history, they have taken as much that always we ended up returning to begin, leaving on the floor the lost time and destroyed generations. Original author and source of the article.

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