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So the BdB criticized the lack of basic quality standards long, or that proof will not required trainings. To get this raise the risk of the needy people, to an unqualified life Manager”. Easier to identify exemplary quality register to qualified professional staff, the BdB has introduced a quality register. Who is it recorded, documented his professional expertise and qualifications to courts and authorities, which instruct us by”, explains Thomas Behrendt. Also the clients and their family members could focus it. Already organised in the BdB more than 6 would 000 have supervisors relevant higher education qualifications, such as social workers or lawyers, and expertise, qualifications, and a regular participation in training, to prove to be included in the quality register.

Goal of the BdB was to establish the activity of professional carers, for which there must be access requirements as a recognized profession. The campaign organised by the Association of social & fair”(SoFa), which toured German cities from 26 August to 10th September, should the work of professional caregivers are made aware. In public discussions, to which politicians, social experts and clients at central locations on a red sofa will be invited, it goes also to the professionalism and the requirements in the professional care. The BdB the Federal Association of professional betreuerinnen e.V. (BdB) has more than 6,000 members and was founded in 1994 in the wake of the new supervision law.

Thus, the BdB is the largest representation of interests of the Profession “Assistance”. The Association represents professional interests in politics and in public, professionally developed the profession is committed to the quality development and assurance in the care work and offers extensive facilities and services. BdB Federation of professional carers National Association Berlin & Brandenburg Thomas Behrendt Bockhstrasse 41 10967 Berlin Tel. (030) 69 51 92 81 Mathias Kinzel Dorfstrasse 15 14715 Havel outside Tel. (033872) 70 10 9 press contact Bernd Schwintowski Tel. (030) 306 60 60 fax (030) 306 60 90 E-Mail

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