The Front

(RIBEIRO, 1989, P.21) Here, therefore this well clearly as e, of that, it forms the wealth of the metropolis and, of the colony would be generated, all from enslaved man power, mainly of the black and later the one of the indian. By the way this wealth would not be used in the investment of this individual them, but of that they were on you of devices and that they were part of the nobility, that is in the dominant culture. This day-by-day less sofredor device Mr., was in the truth a torture for the slaves, mainly to whom they came of the African continent. ECONOMY OF the COLONY In relation to the other European countries, Portugal leaves in the front in the great navigations, and arrives at Brazil, but necessarily in 1500, and however only in 1530, really goes to transform these lands into colnia.o main factor of these colonizadores is accurately to impose its culture, its religion, and to dominate these lands, that ideologically until today, they nail as if they were discovered. In this way they had denied the existence of civilizations, for these lands, that according to them, only had savages. However they had dealt with this way until today a form of perpetuate everything oque say respect its civilization, its traces in architecture, religion, music clothes in end everything oque corresponded they, also the politics that but late if would become one corrupt politics and would decide, monopolista and of total social segregation forming parents where if she lives in one arcabouo of inaquality social he is oque is clearly in the following declarations. if the ones that if had made use had come to organize, necessary if it made escravizao of who worked the land: the indians and the blacks. These had come to satisfy to the interests of the bourgeoisies mercantile Portuguese, because the slave while merchandise, were profit source, since it was (bourgeoisie) that she carried.

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