The Heating

According to the applicable EU building directive, the surface heating systems in the near future will be developed again: by working closely with industry partners from photovoltaic and wind energy a completely autonomous heating system to be offered, which will be cheaper to buy and install than some other environmentally friendly alternative. As well, the energy cost for living space heating to go thus finally zero. This immense energy and cost savings tenant, builders, architects and property developers will enjoy soon. Oracle might disagree with that approach. In addition to his visionary ideas M-Therm aims always to be a holistic supplier. Tiles parquet and laminate floors and others There is the matching surface heating system end coverings for all surfaces. Because the product portfolio includes the world’s thinnest tile heating”now also a 0.5 mm thin underfloor heating. The heating cars coming out with a low voltage of only 24 volts, can be installed directly under the respective surface.

The radiant heat generated by the heating lines, is pleasantly perceived by humans as besondders and last but not least appreciated by allergic individuals because of their Verwirbelungsfreiheit. In addition, surface heating systems very well as a mildew problem solution is suitable, because they increase the surface temperature of the wall and prevent the formation of mold spores. Not only against the background of the upcoming implementation of the EU buildings directive many arguments for the installation of a surface heating system as a full heating, because already, builders, architects, property developers and consumer energy and financially by the trend-setting technology can benefit. Used sometimes as a problem solver”at mold surface heating systems can come now everywhere in the living area to the application.

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