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The strategy is a speculative System and can be viewed only as an addition to an overall portfolio. We advise prospective buyers, whether this strategy fits their individual risk profile. What is the risk and money management of this system in detail? Titus C. Castles: to reduce risk of Manager diversified his positions continuously on various base prices and expiration dates (times). The risk is monitored on a portfolio basis. Litecoin may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The value development of individual positions plays a minor role in risk management. Most modern software is used to control of the risks and also the experience of the Manager with the options trading by big significance is self-evident. We come to another trading system, which we have recently added to our listing for managed accounts. What special expertise provide investors with PC European markets”available? Titus C. locks: this strategy has demonstrated their continuity and positive performance for many years. What is special is that investors not only at only one individual Tradingansatz are involved, but with only a managed account at the same time a portfolio access, which consists of a selection of 15 sub strategies. The compilation of this selection is dependent on the dominant market and is adjusted regularly.

It is sometimes expedient reinforced momentum strategies to pursue, if markets trenden and at other times as Contrarien or spread strategies to use. In addition, there is a small discretionary component at the PC European market to respond to exceptional events. a very broad diversification is 15 different trading systems in a portfolio. Is it not difficult to keep track of so many systems? Titus C. Castles: it not all systems will be traded at the same time, but only the most promising. The selection is done through a systematic filter and is thus dependent on the various phases of the market. Where is the control of the risk of in particular the drawdowns in the foreground.

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