The Property

Consider the possibility of determining the type of market value in order to assess different: Table 2: Type of value and purpose of the evaluation of movable property The purpose of the valuation at current use value “in exchange” Valuation for bankruptcy in the equipment of the property complex was first put up for auction in the case is impossible joint selling of real estate and equipment. In the event of bankruptcy, the equipment is exposed separately (but only after 1.5 years after the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings) Determining the value for the transfer of property In the mortgage collateral is transferred equipment within the property complex in the mortgage transferred some of the individual units of the property complex, whose movement is possible. If the movement is impossible, realizable value is equal to the cost of sale as scrap or on individual nodes to a value on managerial decision-making if the liquidation value is determined for the reorganization of the property (Real estate and equipment) of the branch, property located in a separate building. If resale value is defined for purposes of liquidation or quick sale of certain selected assets in cost of use – the estimated value of the subject being evaluated, determined under the assumption that it will not be sold in the open, free and competitive market, and will be used for the same purpose, in the same manner and with the same efficiency, as it happened on the valuation date. Large amounts of assets, usually illiquid in their implementation “loose.” In addition, such items as buildings, transmission devices, specialized facilities can not be implemented in isolation from other assets. The cost of “in use” is more preferable for the company being evaluated, since by taking into account the cost of installation, commissioning of the equipment, excluding the effect sinnergii received the total amount of equipment is somewhat higher than the amount in determining the value of individual units.

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