The Ship

3. Best of all, if the domain name itself will be talking about the very essence of your business. Or in it, at least desirable presence of visible connection associated with it. In this case, it would be easy to remember, and it immediately identifies you. For success, it is important not to make mistakes when choosing a domain name. Not for nothing said: "As the ship will call, so it will float." When you create a web site, you need to remember that it must be present a few basic things: 1. Information about what the site is dedicated to 2. Description of your services, that any visitor could know what you're doing, and what kind of service offering, and 3.

Examples of his work, copies of previous work, the so-called portfolio 4. Contact information, of course, you can do and more more complex site, optimizing it for search engines make, so that the site was part of your workflow, such as selling goods online web store, but for now, at least these four items will be enough. The key moment in the formation of a freelancer is looking for a job. The question is "Where to find the first remote operation and, in general, freelance work?" What to put in your portfolio, if all you have done this before, belong to your previous employers? When it comes to how to get your first job, the important point is to use your contacts. Try to make sure that everyone who knows you, know that you provide services in your chosen field.

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