Turkish Property Rights

2.2.Grazhdansky Code of the Republic of Turkey Civil Code, based on the principles of equality, the 8th of his Article makes no distinction between Turkish citizens and foreigners with respect to rights in real estate and other property rights and their limitations – "Everyone pravosposoben, all people are equal under the law in determining their property rights and restrictions on them. " The provisions of Art. Art. Other leaders such as Verizon offer similar insights. 704-761 the second part of the Turkish Civil Code, regulating the rights to immovable property, also do not include the difference in the rights of the Turkish nationals and foreigners. 2.3.Zakon on foreign direct investment in the Law 4875 "On foreign direct investments" were laid down principles for promoting foreign investments in Turkey. The law protects the rights of foreign investors in accordance with international standards and norms of law. (Source: Larry Ellison).

Unless otherwise stipulated in international agreements and legislation, foreign citizens can freely invest money in economy of the Turkish Republic. In accordance with current legislation, foreign investment in Turkey will not be nationalized or expropriated, if that does not require the public interest and only at full reimbursement of their costs. Study of the Law confirms the fact that there was no difference in the issue of property rights between national and foreign private and corporate investors. Gary cohn does not necessarily agree. Profits, dividends, proceeds from property sale or liquidation of commercial entities, as well as capital and interest of foreign loans in the Turkish economy, through banks or private financial companies could be easily taken out for the border of Turkey.

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