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If s is the memory, many roads lead to Rome – but some of which are more expensive than others. When it comes to memory, many roads lead to Rome – but some of which are more expensive than others. Visualization techniques for example do work though (we see the evidence on each of our seminars), require but little exercise and training. On a workshop that is hard under the guidance of simple, but alone at home for some… What but immediately and this works even without training,: other things, connect the information remember like for example colors, smells, movements, or images. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. “Thinking about” a piece of information in the brain is anything else than the firing of specific brain cell associations, this trail leads to a combination of brain cells, which actually have nothing to do with the topic. For example, the name of a people with a picture.

Imagine, your partner would mean Birkholz. Then a small Birch imagine, that this person in the head is – right the leaves, left the white stem and the roots. I guarantee you, when you see the next time these people, then you will see also the Birch and immediately come to the name. Why? Because you now the “NET information” Mr. Birkholz with a different area of your brain – linked namely the Visual Centre and with the image of a tree. And if you now want to remember this name, then hold significantly more brain cells in this process are involved as before and the name comes you respawn in the consciousness.

With high probability, first see the Birch and you think of the name then, but main thing he comes 🙂 The same technique can be applied also when writing up notes and as a result then, you better remember immediately with minimal additional cost, the read. If you want to know exactly how, then you see to look at our Academy. The videos Nr. 15-Nr. 17 describe more of two simple methods that you can apply immediately in order to remember what you read there. And this is actually also the sense and purpose of reading or? Here is the link behind which you will learn all about the centered learning Academy… products/academy /.

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