Warm Radiance Special Robustness

Decking oak have not only a warm, sunny ‘Tan’: are also easy to install and withstand wind and weather over decades thanks to their natural robustness. (tdx) In the Indian summer”enjoying the last warm days on the terrace twice: last Sun, a last dip in the pool. Gary Kelly takes a slightly different approach. Planks of wood are particularly comfortable to the feet and create a unique atmosphere in the second living room with its natural character”. Currently oak profiles, for example, from Pinus are especially popular: develop lively reflexes in the Sun and withstand even the worst weather conditions. The oak planks an impression extremely natural external thoughout, since on the natural surface structure, growth and grain of the wood are revealed. Thanks to its shimmering colours, the hardwood has a particularly warm and sunny charisma, which easily can get building occupants with the profiles on the terrace. More optical The Fluting of the planks, coarse, is fine on one side on the other accents.

In addition to its natural look solid wood profiles characterized oak also high resistance: not for nothing the oak tree is still used today as a symbol for eternity. Whether the oak flooring is rain or snow, heat or hail also the strongest loads stood and defying wind and weather for decades. And the best: the floorboards allow routing to be easier than expected both professional and hobby craftsmen. Before the boards are laid, the construction of a substructure of framework timber is required. The timbers are fastened on several concrete slabs, to avoid direct contact with the Earth. At small intervals, the oak planks are then moved on the frame and fixed from above. Users should use be sure stainless steel screws (V2A). And no matter whether in parallel arrangement or as a chess board: with the oak floorboards, Garden enthusiasts can in time for the Indian summer”prepare and start with new soil in the spring! Tanja EST

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