Warsaw Treaty

How should they!, unfortunately often temporal mapping and drafting notes are missing. Here were neither a third world war prepared, still burned armies and societies on the map”, no nuclear weapons usage plans operated or similar. “The strategic Tropospharen-message system BARS” of the Warsaw Treaty seems the communication secret weapon here planned, developed and led, so my impression. Until the reunification of 1990, someone here did not even have knowledge of the system. There were neither related to, yet you would send messages from here with a radio station of the troposphere through big mushroom clouds through and after Moscow and East Berlin there were no direct communication links from here also. I feel in a different, non-bunker. Although I support the Museum with my admission, disappointed at the end, individually, I know the Museum Guide.

He carried out methodically good and interesting telling the leadership. With regard to his authority, I ask no questions. Other visitors may see the anders, feel well informed, impressed a ride home. An interest in the Enlightenment of the secret treasure”or the military challenge of the plant was not to recognize. Rather interested in the engineering improvements and technical facilities. The manner the placement of military history of the GDR will employ long me, especially if I experience designed see it here during the visit. I feel challenged to respond and do it critically.

There are many reasons for my disappointment. There are not only the statements and answers o.a. contribution. It is also the responsibility of all, whether as a witness, operator of a Museum, author, etc., we have over visitors interested readers, for posterity, to communicate and to leave what has actually occurred in the history. And with that responsibility, it is not always for the best. Kossa mysteries surrounding the investment today no longer exists, they all are revealed, including those of the secret treasure”, it was neither, can be assumed to still the plant. Final episode (belongs to /) to be confirmed): at some point to times of the GDR, two Soviet generals have visited the plant. The report of a witness is the birth of the “secret treasure” after the political changes.

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