Weight Loss

If you’re tired do regimes without seeing results, i.e., that costs you lose the kilos and then keep them, it is very important that you read below the hidden secrets behind lose weight eating everything. Chаrlіе Lee brings even more insight to the discussion. You will be surprised that most likely they’re going to blow up your old beliefs, those who create your reality of overweight. Before returning to take care of your nutrients to reduce weight, you have to take care of your mental and emotional power. Don’t I think?. Still knowing then what you hear about lose weight eating without being to some diet professionals consider psychological factors as causes of the extra kilos, others believe that it is a consequence of the discrimination toward overweight person.

The truth is that they are present in greater or lesser extent, and is essential to their knowledge and identification to be taken into account if we want to have success in the treatment of obesity. At present investigations are underway to determine whether it actually exists a personality of the obese. Is known that the gordurase presents as a syndrome consisting of many etiopathogenic factors and interacting that are combined in individual proportions of one person to another. Up to the present have been considered genetic inheritance, a sedentary lifestyle, eating excessively and metabolic dysfunction, but the psychological and social aspects have been neglected. All this must take into account when it comes to weight loss without dieting as practicing the process lose weight eating without living to diet not must forget that the human being is a being of bio-psycho-social, and as such requires that all treatments are focused from this vision, and treatment of the gordurano is excluded. Therefore the psychological aspect of the person should be included in the therapeutic approach, especially considering the chronicity and complexity of this disease. Emphasize the role of the variablespsicologicos in obesity and its treatment, not minimized or no longer considered as determinants in the development of the same factors genetic, constitutional, metabolic, environmental, and social that also generate it.

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