What Is A Company Style ?

The main element of corporate identity is its logo or trademark. I ask not to be confused as a logo – a literal spelling of names, and brand name – is an emblem that can be abstract. Based on this base element, and in conjunction with it to develop additional, but no less important components of corporate identity. To which should include: – Corporate Fonts – Original colors – motto (slogan appeal motto. Used in advertisements for the expression of the basic idea of the company, it is easy to read, quick to remember, bright, gentle with deep thought or double positive sense) – Corporate, the corporate character – Corporate block (trademark combined with the name and contact information) – Scheme layout (the layout of all printed materials and advertisements). Meaningful brand positioning, a brand-book – a set of rules on the use of branding in their daily work and the different stocks. It is worth noting that the creation of corporate identity – it is a serious set of works whose implementation is based on the approved strategy for promoting the company, its products and services.

On how well and properly established corporate identity, depends on recognition (identification) of the company and its services against the competition. Because 90% of information is perceived visually! The starting point for creating corporate identity is to fill in the brief order of corporate identity. Brief – (from Lat. Attributum-attach confer) – (from the English. Brief – task) – the terms of reference set out in summary form with a clear statement of the problem or its solution.

Brief – this is raw data about the company: the scope of its operations, market positioning, competitive information, individual preferences, etc. By completing a "checklist" should be approached with extreme and attention. After all, how thoroughly and correctly filled out the brief, depends corresponding results of the initial client's wishes. At segodneshniyden there are various in form and content Corporate identity, it all depends on the company's budget, goals and wishes. The large-scale study of various elements of corporate identity allows us to solve many problems. The process of creating a business plan and promotional merchandise Companies will no longer slow down on the design and development in the area of the design concept is ready and is a minus expenses. And, finally, corporate identity, sustained up to the last detail in a single concept, the impression stable company with a stable capital and balanced position on the market.

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