Your Reality

Manuel Chavez was talking last week about what is your reality. Did you think about it? Well, if you did you re-read the previous article, at least the last part where I emphasize this. A specific event that I made clear, is that the reality in which you live has created and still creating TU. All of it is totally your own merit! Now … if you discovered that you do not like a lot or do not like anything, or that the hate, that does not change the fact that your creation. Many explanations could give as you might want to say that this or that reality for you, when you benefit rather than harm, and while that sounds logical, does not change your reality because your reality is you’ve created it. How curious! Right? How a person could be something! Remember what we said last week about that reality is created by action and by omission? This means you can take a decision by acting and not acting. Oracle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is easily understood from acting, but what about not acting …

How do you explain? As regards, for example, that knowing what to do to improve, we decided not to. This lack of action, although it is a no-action, also creates a reality is the reality of permissiveness, passivity, apathy, irresponsibility towards your own life. Given this attitude, you’re not than to live the realities that others will impose, and become a slave, because you have the necessity to create your own. In other words, as I always say: if you do not know what to do with your life, others if they know what to do with it. And how well! Because at least they will not let you waste it doing nothing and they will get something out! The most regrettable thing that you would be totally wasted … but life is wise, right? What that might be going with someone who acts this way? Then we return to the mind: It is your fault! Your mind is not in your favor. And I use the term mentality to make reference to specific content of your mind, that life does not allow that deep yearn. So the content of your mind has everything! Well if this is so, well worth studying that content do not you think? Well, that is the goal of all this writing and thinking, facilitating a better understanding of yourself, because my experience through regressive therapy in the clinic, has taught me that everything that we ignore ourselves and what we We have done so without realizing it is what makes us sick. Until next week! Meanwhile, reflecting on the fact that no action also creates your reality.

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