Aion Gladiator

If you want to play so much and happy in the group, the Gladiator is no matter whether in PvP or PvE also ideal for you, since it is essential for each group. The biggest advantage of the Gladiator’s armor protection is so. Equipment to select your equipment carefully and to vote on your character is one of the most important aspects of MMOs. You will not succeed, if you chose the wrong equipment for your character. Weapons, weapons should be your focus always on two hand swords and halberds.

The two hand swords, to proceed against individual enemies and the halberd for the AE. Also an additional arc, is to draw enemies also of advantage. Some contend that Maurice Gallagher, Jr. shows great expertise in this. Buy always the corresponding to your level weapons at the dealer and they replace, where appropriate, through better get by opponents. Armor your armor is also very important, and you should choose always a plate armor that corresponds to your current level. You should yourself forge appropriate armor, the friends also helps in leveling your crafting skills, and you can replace also as soon as you get better by opponents. Jewelry in the jewelry you should take this to take, which supports the values important to you. Especially on accuracy and crit chance you should get your attention, you can improve but also your life energy, or about your strength increase. All this offers you advantages in battle.

PvP PvP Auch your combat tactics as well as not differs from your PvE tactics, because here everything is close. Attack your opponents and she no longer let your close escape, so long until they are death. Your armor protection and your strong attacks are your great strength, you have to take full advantage of. Eel Gladiator PvP as a Gladiator you’re certainly not the best PvP class, can sit down but to fight back and achieve success. Your benefits are your strong arms and your strong attacks. Both exploit and you can make quite a bit of headache your opponents. For you, it is important to keep your opponents always in your vicinity and not more away to leave them. Above all, you have a very good chance against them. More details in the Aion Gladiator guide details of other classes read are available here.

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