Rice Recipes

Sticky rice is the food for on the road, because you can form it cooked like sandwiches and fill. Sticky rice is also suitable for cooking rice. Before cooking, letting the rice cool down then Saute it with the other ingredients. There are various sticky rice varieties. Most best you try different varieties, to find out which one tastes the best. Especially the round grain glutinous rice, which comes mostly from Viet Nam, is suitable for sweet sticky rice with coconut milk.

You can tell him clearly more grain the. Original recipe: sticky rice is washed thoroughly before cooking and soaked overnight in cold water. Then pour off the soaking water and the rice in a steam Cap made of bamboo or metal. Water is boiled up in a high frying pan or wok (the ground is cm with water about 2-3). Then it’s the steam attachment. In the bottom of the steam set must not touch the water.

The rice is steamed 15-20 minutes with the lid closed. Alternative preparation: 500 g glutinous rice in a pot and deliver it in the sink. Then water the rice 10 minutes, i.e. it will run permanent water in the pot to wash the starch from the rice. The water jet may have very little pressure so that only the water and not the rice from the pot is rinsed. Then the rice pour through a strainer and into a pot water Cook 15 minutes with 600 ml. Then the rice should have included completely the water. Now 15 minutes the rice leave, finished! Basmati rice basmati rice belongs to the category of “Fragrant rice”. This is because this is a very aromatic rice which gives off a delicious fragrance. In the name of this property is integrated, because basmati means fragrance. The basmati is a loose, long-grained rice from India, which is grown in the higher regions of the Himalayas.

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