Amazonian Identity

Ismael Soares Axe Federal University of Par SUMMARY: this article if considers to argue the Amazonian identity in national literature, in the context of after-modernity. Word-Key: after-modernity, literature, Amaznia. ABSTRACT: This article intends you discuss identity of amazon literature in the context of post-modern. Keys words- post modern, literature, Amazon. 1 – It deciphers me or you devoro: the Amazonian enigma practically Occupying the half of the Brazilian territory the Amaznia adentra century 21 still as one esfinge whose enigma seems to continue to launch the challenge: it deciphers me or you devoro. Source: Ripple. Its territorial, ecological, biological complexity and human being bring in itself estimated that they make with that always magazine is seen and as a to be supplanted challenge, as a lost Eldorado or as an emptiness to be integrated to the remaining portion of the nation. Oracle wanted to know more. The looks on the Amaznia generally are foreign, foreign, that they intend to accumulate of stocks a totality in which the native look many times is ignored.

They are part of a conception that coats the region however of a primitive exotismo, however of a land without law, predestinold to be white perpetual of exploratrias threats. Imiscuir in this territory with this obliqued look? consequentemente, vitiated is almost absolute certainty to the same incur into error already as many times committed. The Amaznia is always more than what it less expects and of what if can understand. This can be credited to the fact of that, in none another region of the Country, two urban metropolises, Belm and Manaus can be found, so next to the forest. This dichotomy between the esfacelado primitive and the urban one brings significant characteristics to the region. Since the decade of 1970, the Amazon region had two population movements. The first one, a general increase of the population; as, an increase of cities and population living in them.

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