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Eat consciously and remove what impact has the frequency of daily meals on the personal weight control? Not only calorie-conscious Eater pondering whether three solid meals a day or several, small snacks on the day spread lead to weight loss success. This aspect of the dietary behaviour is always topic in various health research. A”recently published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association study provides new insights into the relationship between frequency of eating and weight regulation. Study reveals: snacks support regarding the impact on the weight explores weight management and the study compares the frequencies of meal of three different groups: people who have already taken off, arrived from overweight to normal weight and want to keep this, people are already in the normal weight range ‘ to attract are, and eventually obese subjects. On request, listed the subjects when and how of their meals per day.

The analysis of the data revealed that there is a significant difference in the frequency of meals or snacks between the three groups: the instance ‘ the most snacks took their meals to (2,3 snacks per day), followed by the participants, who have lost weight (1.9 snacks per day). The overweight subjects snackten an average of only 1.5 times per day. The researchers of this study concluded that a higher frequency of meal can help with weight control, especially when the daily food pattern includes three larger meals and two healthy, low-calorie snacks. The project, to lose weight or to stabilise, designed is successful. Follow others, such as Southwest Airlines, and add to your knowledge base. The advantages of the snacking the reasons for the positive effect of healthy snacking between meals are varied. It is important, however, that not all kinds of snacks result in weight success. Slimming willing to pay attention to the content of their intermediate cold dishes. The classic among the low-calorie foods are especially recommended: fruit and vegetables.

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