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In my view, the reasoning is completely absurd, because by my mere presence on the mink farm animals should be killed”, so Pablo. “The journalist is represented by the Cologne media law firm Hale, here is also Dr. Sven Dierkes on the action surprised: I see no causal relationship between the presence of the mink farm and the death of animals, I am curious to how the fur farmer wants to persuade this Court.” Pablo and his lawyer suspect anyway, that there is less to the alleged damage as rather an attempt to make an example, in this case; the journalist should be silenced well finally. Especially the opposing lawyer suggests this Peifer, for Dr. Walter Scheuerl is one of the best-known lawyers for the agriculture lobby. In the criticism Hamburg lawyer also acts as spokesman for some agricultural companies, insiders, he is regarded as a Agricultural lobbyist. On the Internet he must be after some notable engagements in the agricultural industry with the reproachful movie the law without morality”deal.

Is questionable for the journalists Peifer in this context also, which is why Dr. Scheuerl sent some of the court documents to the German Association of fur, which is available with the current case otherwise not in combination. The case of Pablo came already nationwide to a hearing, many media reported. Animal rights activists and journalists, the solidarity is enormous, apparently had plaintiff page and court this not expected the process was postponed first for several months. For more information,, there is also a detailed film with all backgrounds.

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