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In relation to it, the president of the monetary organization, Henrique Meirelles, signaled clear when saying: the society must have the security, and not have doubts, that the Central bank will know to respond with vigor to the changes in the inflation. To my friendly I commented all these measures to them that are had been implementing in Brazil, but before the question Why it is that the inflation does not yield? , my answer is to a great extent like the one of president Lula when it says: When the inflation is world-wide does not have a homemade solution, when the inflation is of commodities does not have a national solution, is necessary to find measures global to solve a global problem. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Ellison has to say. As one of my friendly owns investments in Brazil, immediately it asked to me: What can happen with the inflation in Brazil? Probably can immediately affect the demand domestic product of the fort increase in the interest rates, but does not regenerate majors risks to the economy thinking about a medium one and long term since the healthy policies that they come applying in Brazil protect to the economy, of consequences. The inflation in Brazil is not a subject that can generate instability in the economy nor affect the solidity and the growth that is having the same in the medium term, but is a subject to follow close by, like it is making the government of Lula, to avoid that the same is overflowed..

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