Health Benefits Of Belly Dancing

Widespread schools and studios to teach belly dance. Such popularity is due primarily to the fact that this dance is quite easy to train (he can learn every woman), there are no restrictions on Age and like it very much to the audience. In addition, belly dancing is very good in solo performance, which increases the possibility of appearances. In addition to various types and styles of dance: Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Raks el Sharqi, Saidi, Andalusia, dabka and others, is very popular with belly dancing accessories: scarves, and a few sticks, staffs, drums, swords, wings, candelabra. Belly dance can be executed and under slow soft music, and the fiery percussion tracks. School of Oriental dance can be found in almost any large city in the former Soviet Union.

In addition, you can learn to belly dance, and in most fitness centers and dance schools. Thanks to an abundance of suggestions, you can choose a teacher and teaching methods, suitable for you. For the health of belly dancing are very useful, improve blood flow in all internal bodies, it stimulates a good job for themselves, during the dance you are doing yourself a great massage. Dancing is very beneficial effect on the nervous system. If there is a problem with the intestines, such as hernia, with the help you can dance cure. The only thing that should be kept in mind during the acute illness is better to postpone the dance classes. Beginners should follow the waist and often listen to the advice of the teacher, the loin should not sag badly – back to keep straight.

Girls up to 13 years, ie before puberty should not be abused by strong shaking and twisting. About 'sheypingovye' features: a very inflated legs, decrease in volume hips, there press. Many students go on doctor's advice to develop their hip joints. Also, because you during the dance and working with his hands, then pulled up and arm muscles. After a year of belly dance classes are body becomes taut and lean, without losing their femininity. Seductive movements and emphasize the dancer's costumes complement the oriental belly dance. They are very beautiful, most of them handmade. Embroidered with bright, shiny beads, seed beads, bugle beads, sequins, crystals and stones, they make, as the audience and the performers themselves, to forget about the monotony of everyday life and immerse yourself into the mysterious and magical world of the eastern tale. Costume for belly dancing, usually consists of a skirt, belt and bra. Last richly decorated with beaded hanging. It repeats all the movements of the dancer, like jets and dancing after her body. The design of the oriental costume There are fashion trends, but most of the performers make their choice based on their own tastes and preferences, the characteristics of shape and performance style of Arabic dance. Costume for belly dance can make to order, Ready to buy or rent. If you're an aspiring performer or dance is your hobby, then the latter is preferable, since it does not require large cash expenditures (oriental costume – fun is not cheap), and you may at every performance to surprise its audience with new models of permanent Oriental costumes.

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