Catalytic Heater

Winter was harsh, cold weather below -30 have been regular and full-length was a question of heating in the tent. As is known, the fishermen heated tents, not because it's cold, and that the hole would not freeze candles obviously not pulling in bitter cold, dry fuel saved, but sometimes come across a very smelly, so use it when quite cold. Then was acquired by the gas burner. But since at ostyvshem cylinder gas burns much worse. it was noticed If your hands warm bottle then the gas burns much more fun.

Regularly holding a frozen balloon fun little, so he took a piece of felt and sewed a cover for the cylinder, a cylinder was cool much slower, but still cool. Naturally, the more the thought came that it would be nice bottle with something warm. There is a gas burner with pre-heating gas, but searching the Internet, came to the conclusion that they are too cumbersome for me, I like to look for fish, frequently move around, so pack a little and it should still leave room for the fish::): Came across a description of a device called "booster". Made of metal conducts heat readily. Booster put their head in the scorching heat (in combustion zone of fire), a platform fastened on the cylinder. While the burner somehow lit a booster will heat the tank. But in selling the device could not find as a result of further search for sources of heat came on the catalytic Warmer.

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