Installing Xenon

Xenon – noble inert gas, which enjoys a deserved success in the automotive industry. Usual halogen lamps in the headlights the car is increasingly replaced by xenon, and for good reason. With the onset of darkness lighting the way to help headlamp. However, the halogen light is very different from daytime, sunlight, and long to find when driving in the dark leads to eye fatigue driver, reducing attention span. Installing a car xenon increases driving safety because the xenon light is as close to daylight, and at least two times brighter than halogen light. Xenon headlights do not dazzle oncoming cars, which also helps to avoid the risk of accidents. In addition to all the above, such lamps consume a minimal amount of electricity durable, well tolerated by mechanical stress, are not subject to overheating.

If you wish to install on your car xenon is not enough to screw in the bulb proper. The operating principle of a xenon lamp has its own features – so that such light work, you need a block of ignition. In addition there are several types of xenon lamps, and it is important to choose the one that fits under the cap in your headlights car. But regardless of the type of lamp its light will always have a soft, comfortable eye shade. Without significance that the xenon can be installed on any headlights – like the Middle and Far.

Ideal option is to install biksenona – that is, equipment xenon lamps and a passing beam simultaneously. But since this option is both more expensive and much more widespread get install xenon headlights only. On average xenon lamp will last 2000 hours (incidentally, the usual halogen lamps hold out no more than 500 hours) and after failure of the xenon lamp are easily replaced, while the block to replace the ignition does not need. It must be remembered that in the event of failure of a xenon lamp is likely to require replacement and the second has the entire lamp. This is necessary in order to avoid a situation in which the lamps shine differently, because the new light bulb will be slightly different its intensity.

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