This philosopher uses the kantiano term call disinterests for contemplation of the art where through this he will make with that this will is distant, consequently moving away to the suffering and pain. However this artistic contemplation does not eliminate and neither it will eliminate this existing will in the man who is something inherent its nature human being, being the man a being that always this desiring something, and when obtains to saciar in definitive area its necessary will to be satisfied in another one, in this direction the art raises and makes with that the man momentarily surpasses this moment of will and pain. 2. MUSIC IN the TIME OF SCHOPENHAUER Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) lives enters the end of a century and the start of another one where beyond occurring innumerable changes in the social context, politician, religious and cultural, the philosopher could also follow in its time changes in the musical scope, where he had the transistion of the Classicismo1 for the Romantismo2. The Classic period must be seen and also recognized as the moment where great geniuses of music if had detached, over all it agrees to mention great names as: Haydn3 and also Mozart4. It is pertinent to detach that Schopenhauer possua greatest admiration to both, over all the Mozart, therefore this despite its posterity withholds had a short life left a vast workmanship.

He was a composer who prioritized the technique and exactly with the metric one they were factors that differentiated its compositions. Already Haydn was considered as the father of the symphony, this for the fact to have composition a great number of symphonic parts and also its compositions were distinguished for the existing musical perfection in them. Music in the time of Haydn as well as Mozart possesss a universal character, therefore in the whole world when somebody dared to compose would have then to follow the existing musical standards, what in fact it made with that classic music if detached.

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