Coach Level

One thing is collective work and another individual. In team sports as it is the case of football, the coach has a dual role, most importantly at the group level but without forgetting the individual aspect in which many times you have to enter through the concrete situation of a particular footballer so requires it. Goals that must arise at group level from the point of view of psychological work, fundamentally so it has started is by getting motivate your team according to sporting goals that have been proposed to achieve throughout the season. Get the group created their chances and make it strong in adversity and above all make it stay together in the most difficult moments when the results do not join. and gain more knowledge.. At the individual level it is important that clear to all players, regardless that some play more than others you have to have headlines and reservations, with everyone, all are necessary for the operation of the equipment, whether owners or not and above all that the player, apart from participate in more or less matches, you are always important within the Group and is aware that their effort is working on the proper functioning of the equipment..

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