Often a client comes to coaching session with a problem. This is especially the case when a client comes to coaching for the first time and still do not know what is coaching, what rules of the game, with nothing better to work in coaching and with what will be more useful turn to a psychologist or counselor. But quite often, and experienced customers, "dumped" at the session, the coach for one or two, and often lots of problems. In such cases, the session is necessary to move the conversation out of the zone problems in the area results. Or, in other words, to change the focus from the direction of the customer "from" (to get rid of anxiety, uncertainty and other problems) in the direction "to" (get a promotion at work, buy a house, in short, to achieve goal and get a result). And often, a coach does it skillfully and tactfully, without causing resistance to the client. But it happens that during the session, even an experienced coach, "slips" with their professional attitude and strives to no future study of the problem clients. And is "slipping" into a problem similar to the black hole from which it is difficult to escape.

Almost every coach who has a long practice can recall cases these errors, and that's fine – do not have those who do not make mistakes. Mistakes are what makes growing. Errors – this is the advantage of practicing coaches: they have the experience, as you can easily "carried away" problem client, and how, sometimes one issue, return the session to track coaching.

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