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TIBERIO JULIO CESAR was the second Emperor of Rome, (14-37) Tiberius D.C: eldest son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. The problem of the succession of cesar was delicate. Having no sons. Augustus began the search for his replacement in his nephew Marcelo. In the husband of his daughter, Agrippa, his stepson, Druze, and his nephews, Pike and Gaius. But they all died prematurely.

Observe something that has been forgotten for lack of wisdom and intellectual conformism and see it because the thinkers do not understand wisdom. Since clumsily confused wisdom with the knowledge. Socrates talking with connoisseurs of the ancient Greece, exposed them the because man seeks eternal being physically and spiritually. Since men tend to stay and not disappear. Something like this try to do Augusto wanting to retain power through yours.

2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo the largest of all the disciples of Socrates, Plato .expone the doctrine of his master and confirms what we have been saying in the following words. because it is the generation that perpetual family of animated beings and gives him immortality which consents the deadly nature. Because according to what we have already agreed upon, it is necessary to join to the desire of the good desire for immortality, since love is to aspire to that the good belongs us always. Here follows that immortality is also the object of love. (banquet or erotic) Marcelo died in 23 BC; Agrippa in 12 BC, Drusus in 9 BC, and Pike and Gaius, even children, did so in the 2 and 4 AC, respectively. Had no choice but to prepare in succession to Tiberius, Drusus brother. Son of livia, who did not have the sympathy of Cesar despite his talents in the fields of battle. Apparently, everything was the work of his mother, livia, Claudia family. However, Tiberius hesitation during many times before receiving the power. What were the causes for which Augusto felt no sympathy by Tiberius? do Augusto case thought that Tiberius didn’t have the qualities to govern? case Tiberius was a man who was pleased in the? Justice? Case Augusto had watched Tiberius for years and I had noticed his lack of understanding to govern Rome or the opposite Tiberius was the more suitable? simple questions in the eyes of a historian. when Tiberius came to power he was able to manage it efficiently. Thanks to the intervention of his son Drusus and his German grandson. He could finalize the embers remaining from the war against the Parthians and there appointed a Roman magistrate. In the internal management, Tiberius reject divine titles. Imperator and pater patriae, staying only with the princeps. Paradoxically he remained in order to the provinces but it had to endure the storms in your own home. Notice two things 1. Tiberius apparently possessed one of the virtues of the philosopher, i.e. of the thinker or wise. : which consists in rejecting the degrees conferred by men, I do not mean physical titles known as diplomas. I mean the titles which tend to aggrandize the men by simple vanity. 2. Perhaps Tiberius being a Grand Strategist consider convenient proceed in that way with the sole purpose of winning the desire or admiration of his people. Original author and source of the article.

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