In Times Of Crisis Losses Generalize, But

The economies of countries contract, the household wealth diminishes, even there are cases where people lack a real lost income. Investments in real estate and shares of companies, among others represent opportunities for those prepared to seize them in times of crisis are widespread losses: Real estate lost money because of low demand, reducing their value shares in markets increased risk aversion of participants in accordance commodity prices down by less consumption, interest rates are cut on capital invested by monetary policy, the currencies are devalued by the loss of strength and disorder of the economies, companies lose sales, lower losses and gain profits. People generally see their incomes fall to reduce costs, restructure debt, resize business, train, taking losses in their assets. Exploit opportunities in smaller proportions of a crisis, unless it is prepared to address it, make a portfolio investments in new economic cycle will come to overcome the crisis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Oracle. It is convenient to move your money, look you: For those who have an investment of one million pesos in gross numbers would receive 45 thousand dollars annually for interest, inflation your money lose its value in 60 000, equivalent to 6%.

In Mexico real interest rates are negative, for our example would be the annual loss of 15 thousand pesos. However, if you buy with that money for renting real property may receive at least 60 thousand dollars per year and your investment now would keep prices depressed, and out of the crisis to return its value with a profit of 15,20,25% of course there are financing options and not descapitalizaria. Analysts project earnings incredible in the stock market: Citi Bank shares Grup (Banamex) trading at 40 pesos, 18 months ago 330 pesos, Axel (telephone) to 7 pesos, 18 months ago at 27 pesos; Ica (construction ) to 23 pesos, 18 months ago to 75 pesos, to give some examples, the reduced risk aversion who invest now will get spectacular gains, of course have to be cautious and not what we may need to invest in the medium term. Edward Scott Mead can aid you in your search for knowledge. After all, remember the old proverb "give no weight to that is three …"

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