The consumer, the great unknown for some, are the people or organizations that demand a product or service, staff as well end users. We need to know of it: Who is ‘A How IS What to buy ‘ And why “living CONSUMER BUYING HABITS segementar segmentation to sales jobs be clear about a number agency of criteria, namely the groups should be: Suitable homogeneous Produce Accessible effective demand can segment the consumers according to their lifestyles: Bobo’s. Bohemian and bourgeois. Well Valued Professional, university-educated and are unconventional values. YEPPIE jobs in ‘S. Generation Peter Pan, reluctant to leave parental home. Experience without compromise. DINKIE ‘S. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre Couple with no children under 35 years old, upper-middle economic level. Consumerist. SINGLE HOUSEHOLD. 1 home, an individual. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. One of the most emerging segments in Spanish society. POSH tweens. Age 8 part time to 12 years. Fleeing parental influence. They take refuge in brands and stereotyped. PLEASURE GROWERS. Over 60 years. They live their retirement as an opportunity, as a second youth. Very active and large purchase decision. Also according to the degree of fidelity we find human resources consumers: Opposition. Find alternatives. Discontent. Mercenary. In and out. Captive. Discontent. Trapped, you can consultants not change or is expensive. Vengeful. Prescriber. High degree of job search loyalty and satisfaction. Given the economic crisis, each consumer acts differently. A study management jobs of MandC Saatchi, called “Reacting to Recession” (Responding to the crisis’) outlining the attitudes part time jobs and behaviors of consumers and agencies distinguishes eight groups. However, they are the same, click here.

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