Being, therefore, historical product, taught geography does not have to neglect of the historizacio of the facts, since the pupil is a historical being that it brings I obtain and in itself a history, and a knowledge acquired in its proper experience. For Geroux (1986, P. 263): In more concrete terms, the students would have to learn not only to evaluate the society in accordance with its proper pretensions, but they must also be taught to think and to act of form that has to see with different possibilities of the society and different ways of life. Although not glimpse concrete conditions of change, fits the school to develop in the pupil the capacity to perceive that the things, the forms of developments and organization of the society are historical constructions of the men, and therefore, possible of questionings. Since the great challenge is to become the more real things most concrete and.

An education consequently must be on with the life, to have gift the historicidade of the individual lives and the groups. Geography in the present time if worries about the environment, the population increase, the phenomenon of the urbanization, with the poverty, the marginalizao and with all the space world-wide. The Paper of the Professor of Geography in the Age of the Image the temmudado world quickly and with it must also change the education that in it if makes. The cultural context of the audiovisual world in the age of computer science, the electronics and the medias, leads to a deep educational reflection. The globalization where the technology reigns, geography conquered its place, becoming it science of sciences, is the mixture and the main ingredient of these. The modernization demands people critical, active, capable to construct to its proper knowledge, using the image of the information as form of development of the critical spirit and the capacity to reason.

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