Controlling Stocks, a more effective way of controlling stocks there is no doubt that times are changing. Not so many years ago, while SMEs sought complex ERP to manage their various internal processes, self-employed workers and professionals were content with excel spreadsheets (in the best of cases, since in the majority of cases libretillas were used) to take some control over their activities. Web 2.0, in an indirect way, gave a turnaround to this situation, since many SMEs realized that programs they possessed were too complex for what they needed and individual entrepreneurs saw that greater rigour in the management of their different processes could let them maximize their benefits. The new conception of the web showed others that most of its requirements were technically achievable from web platforms. No complex systems needed client/server for access to programs in local networks, much less expose dangerous their own servers if they wanted to gain global access. is one web application (and as such multiposition and accessible from anywhere in the world) which allows in a simple way, even for users without experience in the use of computer tools, a simplified control of stocks of a store (or more, as it is multialmacen). Simplicity as the norm has sought at all times, and performed on a very solid basis, that is the only compute inputs and outputs of product, so never need to perform regularization of warehouse processes such as many other applications. Thus always we know the current stock of the store (or any past date), since computing inputs and outputs per warehouse until a given date got this strict and precise control. Of course, apart from entrances and exits of product, transfers between warehouses and inventoried physical tasks can be performed by the user, but is always the system that transforms these requests in entrances and exits of product. This application developed and maintained by Hummingbird Software, it is new but in his first weeks already added large numbers of users, no doubt based on Hummingbird experience in web application development (, web sister was awarded as the week SaS application on It is the moment of opting for SaS as applications. Source: Press release sent by colibrisoftware.

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