Stretch Ceilings

Whatever the initial surface, it does not require preparation. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. Stretch ceilings are not electrified and not collect dust, as the plane of the TV, for example. However, if you open Champagne and splattered the entire ceiling, it is very easy to clean with any cleaning tool. Dampen a sponge and wipe the sticky stains easily. This applies to both white and colored surfaces. Your ceiling will not lose its color or from the sun, neither of wet cleaning. And, perhaps most importantly comfort is the useful life of such a ceiling.

At 10 years you can forget about its repair. In addition to these advantages, ceilings also have properties that allow you to maintain the security of your home. First, the material of which they are made, has, despite its light weight, very high strength that allows him to remain for many years, perfectly smooth, as well as to withstand a large amount of water if Suddenly there was a flood at the neighbors. It plays its role as an exceptional water resistance of the film. For comparison, conventional ceiling watertight, zataplivaya not only neighbors, but also you. After a disaster, you're doing a complete renovation rooms or apartments. And if the water got on the appliances, then most likely you will have to change and technology in the apartment.

PVC ceiling can hold up to 100 liters per 1 square meter, so after a flood you only need to carefully drain the water, accumulated between it and the ceiling, and then if necessary, replace only part of the coating. Secondly, the film used is not amenable to inflammation, which increases the fire safety of your home. Third, it heat-resistant, which allows it to withstand changes in temperature. Choosing a suspended ceiling, you not only prefer the convenience and quality, you still care about yourself and your family. Your interior, gaining a new life and style incarnation, takes care of additional sound and thermal insulation. Home acquires a calm and keep their long warm feelings.

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