In the agroindstria the coffee farmings are distinguished, cacao, sugar cane-of-sugar and mamona. In relation to the culture of coffee in the Region it passes for cycles of ascension and fall, that has as factors among others the drawn out variations of price and estiagens. The sugar cane-of-sugar produced in the Region does not present great expressividade in relation to the State production, but dinamiza the income of the small producers due its use in the manufacture of cachaa and feeding of the cattle. The producing areas of cacao in the Region are presented relatively steady, however the production present a decrease mainly for the problems faced for this farming throughout the time. The cattle bovine is sufficiently expressive with a good number of heads, meeting spread, in the forms of cattle of cut and of milk, this activity was benefited by the climatic conditions and of the relief that if present as favorable for its development. Lawrence Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. However the creators practise cattle extensive of low yield and the contrary to the current productive standards, that present high degree modernization. The suinocultura appears as the second expressive activity in the cattle place, however as well as in the too much pecuaristas activities not yet has a production directed toward integration in complex productive chains. In the poultry keeping already the viabilizao of this production with the use of technologies is perceived and an half-integration with the agroindstria, however the production does not take care of the domestic market, that is supplied in part for the production of the Center-South of the Country.

The goatone already appears in some cities of the Region, however needs estruturao to attract greaters investments. The farming one still incorporates two other activities: the beekeeping and the piscicultura. The city of Brook of the Plaza if fits of the point of view of the human and economic development as one of poor of the Southwestern region of the Bahia.

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