Different Surfaces

Each of us at least occasionally makes printing photos to looking at them, remember the memorable moments of life. But progress does not stand still, even today photo can be made not only on photo paper, but also on other materials. At the same time 3D technology is quickly gaining people's minds. Today released the mass of all sorts of devices that support this technology: home theater with support for 3D, cameras, televisions, video cameras. As a result, the development of This technology allowed to print 3D pictures. Southwest Airlines may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But let's talk about the more simple forms and methods of printing on other materials and surfaces. To consider ways of images for example Take an ordinary and familiar things in everyday life.

So, to make the print on mugs or printing on glass is generally used method when the image and photo applied to the surface through the use of decals, (Decal), which is then baked at high temperatures. The image size can be limited only by the surface. Unlike other methods of applying, the image caused by on circles and the stack, is resistant to abrasion and can be put in the dishwasher. This kind of gift to bring happiness to friends and relatives of people and can serve as a good gift to customers and partners. Another popular view of the application is printed on t-shirts and T-shirts, print on toys. Original drawing or inscription will be a good addition to the toy or t-shirt. For printing on a T-shirt, shirt, soft toy is used way of direct digital printing.

This technique is more effective than other methods. Direct digital printing uses a large color gamut when compared to silk-screen, and allows you to print any photos image. This kind of technique, in contrast to thermal transfer and application, delivers a rather soft, almost intangible to the touch image. These images are resistant to fading in the sun, do not lose brightness after washings, they do not crack with time. But at the same t-shirt or jersey well lets air even through very large images. But the image can be printed not only on mugs or T-shirts, you can also print on metal plates. Metal can portray everything, and the image can be intense, persistent, bright and crisp. It preserves the color and did not tarnish or fear of sudden changes in temperature or humidity. The surface is perfectly flat and provides an opportunity to put drawings of any complexity: the inscriptions, emblems, logos, borders, patterns, and so that your soul will be like. This gives a chance to make things out of metal and more respectable live appearance. This method can make a variety of informational plaques, diplomas, certificates and so on. In great demand today enjoys branding and representative printing: business cards, flyers, brochures, calendars, making flags. These nuances are very important in business communication and promotion of goods on the market. Because it is often related to the company and formed an opinion about it based on the quality of advertising products. Complement the external impact on consumers and partners can large-format printing – color printing of images on roll media, which effectively looks at the shows, in the interior of the premises at the sites of outdoor advertising. Today's technologies make it possible to put any image on any surface, so that's your choice.

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