Fantastic Literature

Sale “universes glimpsed “, an anthology compiled by Gandolfo and Pessina. In ‘Entropia’, also directed by Souto appears an excellent example of art with River Plate’s novella “City” by Mario Levrero, the magazine takes a single number. The same director in collaboration with two supplements Cascioli CF out in the journal ‘Humor’, then create a large sample of Pendulum quality and content, with 10 luxury re-floated after delivery until Ediciones La Urraca made the last attempt to push it ahead it will say “this is undoubtedly the best magazine of CF in content, presentation and design that has been published anywhere” (San Lundwall. Swedish revisionist CF). In 1983 86 Souto Minotaur and returns with the same team of Pendulum. Establishing the award “Beyond” a kind of ‘Hugo’ Argentine. CF 1991 Latin American convention.

The current River Plate writers to name a few are Gardini, Leverero, Gorodischer, Bajarlia, Gandolfo, Souto, Jimenez, Signes, Moledo, Goligorsky, Vanasco … almost all of them were reading, translating and soaked with foreign CF, but have taken a characteristic and an unquestionable quality. Some of them can be criticized for being overly fussy, nostalgic … but do not detract, to be pioneers in a genre like this in an unfavorable geographical location, away from technology centers and the immanent reality of belonging to the third world , is too what they do. The identity is clear, we write from here, from the global periphery. There is a notable failure in trying to classify the CF within clear parameters. Other trends contributing to this genre of literature and data structures. Reciprocity and interaction between literary trends show that we are only bound by our own limits.

It is clear that CF is about margins and can not put everything on the NYSE. An academic pigeonholing would be the novel and cognitive explanation. Yet another explanation is that it is a genre that brings others to use it in a proactive and consistent way, adopting a style that makes it difficult to classify. Not questioned the literary value of SF, although it has high-class referents, the CF that we know today comes from the massive literature and from there arise now called already considered classics in world literature as “1984” or “Brave New World.” Some references used for this note.

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