In my country, Mexico, there is a popular saying that quote: "One swallow does not make a summer" and that means that the arrival of a certain event (bad or good), does not mean that it will follow a similar trend in the future. I will tell the story of a young man who began his career with the determination to grow and to highlight above all others, an ideal form of honesty, achievement, work and a healthy ambition, to take him to great heights, supporting Daily motivation to eliminate their natural failures with the phrase: "One swallow does not make a summer." This young man began his journey from his professional studies, which solved working in the laundry room of a hotel, a clothing store, a restaurant and later at a local government agency. You may find that baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. He combined his time between work and studies. The bachelors degree in Management, his career within the government agency had overtones of a good future employment. His immediate supervisor was based on this young man in the coffers full of enthusiasm for growth.

Therefore, any investigation of his boss, performed with care and opportunity, since he was a great chance of success. The political environment of the unit of government, led to the dismissal of his boss, who had displayed in this young man of great heritage value. For this reason, invited the youth to work for the company that would create, in order to remedy their situation of unemployment. The young man inspired by the confidence he had his former boss, resigned his short career in the government agency and joined the team that began to form his former boss.

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