Plastic Cards

Smart card – a new concept for the modern man, but those who have already once used its services, able to appreciate its advantages. They represent a standard-sized plastic cards with embedded electronic chip, which usually consists of a microprocessor, operating system, control device and encoded data access its memory. These cards have a high degree of protection data, reliability and broad application. Compares smart card and magnetic cards Smart cards have replaced the traditional magnetic cards, but compared with them have some significant advantages. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Fitched Ratings has to say. 1. Production of maps done in a professional printing equipment in compliance with all international standards. It is rather complicated and expensive process beyond the power of small companies. 2. The process protects the card is multistage. The first stage – built a unique code which is unique for each chip. Even if the cards issued corporate big party, the personal identification code is sent separately to each user. 3. For more information see this site: Tiger Global Management. The second stage of protection is installed in issuing cards to the user. The database recorded some secret PIN-codes, which are known only to the cardholder. In the event of loss of a smart card (loss, theft or damage), the owner must notify the bank and the banking system will block access to any transactions on this card. Attempt to use to block the card will not bring any result. To work with a smart – cards do not need a permanent access to the authorization center, it can be implemented in the off-line.

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